During our first meeting, I will ask you to play a scale or/and a piece you feel comfortable with. 

Then,  we will talk, I will tell you what we could work on and how. If you agree we will then establish a plan based on your needs and goals.

We will be working on posture, breathing, movement, concentration, in addition to the common repertoire. About advanced levels  my goal will be to help you in solving technical issues due to posture, prevent injuries, work on focus, help you define which interpretation you want to make, you will find your answers, I will only also you the questions you need.

For cellists already enrolled in conservatory, you can combine both, I am used to working with conservatory students enrolled in universities / conservatories, I keep our meetings confidentials.

About amateur adult students, I will be happy to teach you, only in Berlin, no live beginners.




You read my post about posture and you would like to work on yours.
You want to connect with your cello
Also, if you have tendonitis problem, back pain, etc. we can find and fix the problem together. 
There is always a reason, it is not in your head!
Depending on the cause it might take time and patience to fix it, regularity in meetings is necessary.
50€ per hour




By working on scales, you work on your posture, intonation, sound, breathing, concentration.

Scales should be the most important part of your practice time during your studies.

Once you can play well scales, thirds, sixths, octaves, arpeggios, you have a strong technique for the whole repertoire.


We can work on posture and breathing

 Find more freedom in your playing

Focus on interpretation and Improve your practice time.

We can also work on vibrato, make comments about your cello & the way it reacts, the set up, talk about sound, comment your videos and videos and interpretations from other cellists, also talk about strings, bow hair, set up depending on the sound you want etc... 
We will work on Your sound and style.



typical baroque period set of strings


If you really want to connect with a cello, you should try the experience! PLaying on a full baroque set up will make you rediscover the cello,  and the vibration. 

Feel the resonance /breathe with your cello/be free to move without endpin/reconnect with Bach?

I spent 3 years on a baroque cello project, recorded the 6 suites with full baroque set up, wrote a long publication about it, I will be very happy to share this journey and my experience with you.

Contact me and we will talk about guts, set up, bow, repertoire... 



You have an audition /competition coming up? 
Just breathe!

 I will be happy to be your coach.

We will establish a planning together.

I will follow your practice, we will work on focus and stage fright.


Feel free to send me an email with your cello story. 
No matter your level, I will be happy the hear from you.
I love teaching amateur adult students, I work on the same topics, from the first lesson we talk about posture, moving, breathing.

Note:  I only teach very beginners in Berlin, not online