The teaching  studio is situated in the center of Berlin,

3 metro stations from Potsdamer Platz.

METRO: U1,2,3,4

Stop: Nollendorfplatz


Which Material Am I using? 

I Use a Zoom H2n as external microphone, very easy to use, it takes less than a 1 minute to plug it and have it ready.
I hear you through JBL Spyro Speakers
I use Logitech Webcam c525, HD, Auto light correction , 8 MP, Autofocus. I can change angles of view easily, different perspectives of the hands, fingers, posture etc...
We can use Skype, but I prefer to use , you can record the lesson, it will allow you to go back to what we worked on. 


Baroque Cello

I see myself as a guide, a coach. I give "tools" to help my students / colleagues to free their playing. 

Teaching is part of my passion for cello and music. My method is based on posture, movement, breathing, self confidence, awareness in order to build a good cello technique and performance attitude. Is is inspired by various methods like Alexander tecnics, Feldenkrais, Sophrology, Yoga.  Some of my students call it the "cello therapy".  I play "modern" cello, but also 4 and 5 strings baroque cellos, teach in Berlin and Online.

I focus on the alliance of the body and the mind. In order to let the music speak, I try to free the movement through posture and breathing. It is very important to the advanced students and professional cellists to work in their posture, it is the key to a strong, healthy and pain free career. 

Marianne Dumas