online teaching available for advanced students


a supportive environment where students of all levels and ages can pursue their cello studies.




Teaching is part of my passion for cello and music, it is as important as performance. What matters to me is your motivation, not your age or level. 

I work on the alliance between the body and the mind to help cellists connect with their cello so the sound becomes their voice. In order to let the music speak, we will free the movement by working on posture, movement, always in a musical way.

My method is inspired by various methods like Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Sophrology, and biomechanics studies. I also work with cellists dealing with injuries and stage freight issues.

About the biomechanics of cello playing for advanced level:

After I finished my studies I started to analyse the way of playing of cellists in high level performance, worked with Feldenkrais instructors, physiotherapits to understand the optimal way of using our body through posture, breathing, movement. Then, I explored the mechanics of the sound of the cello, the set up, tensions, strings in order to find the best balance between the cello and th cellist. I learnt a lot for my own playing and I am now happy to share it with people interested in this research.


The teaching studio is situated in the center of Berlin, 3 metro stations from Potsdamer Platz. 2 min walk from Nollendorfplatz

I am fluent in English, French and Spanish.


Maaßenstraße 8, 10777 Berlin
Only by appointment





Price: Between 42 and 70€

Monthly rates available


I always enjoy teaching amateur students, I work on the same topics with everybody, but with amateur cellists we focus on the repertoire and style of music you prefer. (classical and non classical)

Very beginners: it is never too late to start!

Feel free to send me an email if you need help finding your cello and let's start your cello journey! 

We can start with non classical music, pop, hip-hop, jazz, rock etc. it is not a problem, there is not only one way to learn how to play the cello.


The more advanced the more difficult it is to improve your playing. Have you heard about biomechanics?

„The fundamental rule of Biomechanics is very simple: the whole body participates in every movement“ 

V. Meyerhold

Get a bigger understanding of the relation between your brain, your body and your cello. 
My goal is not to tell you how to phrase but how to produce the sound and phrasing you want to do (and to help you figure out which phrasing you want when needed).
 I also work with cellists dealing with injuries and stage freight issues. We can also work on vibrato, make comments about your cello & the way it reacts, the set up, talk about sound, comment your videos and videos and interpretations from other cellists, also talk about strings, bow hair, vibrato, set up depending on the sound you want etc... 
We will work on Your sound and style.



  • Scales should be the most important part of your practice time during your studies. Scale make you improve intonation, sound, breathing, concentration. 

  • Shifts: Improve your shifts, prepare your hand for challenging repertoire without hurting yourself. 

  • Bowing technique, improve your bow changes, bow speeds, sound, colours, spicatto.

  • And more... there are so many things we can work on! An endless topic!


Each note you play is produced by a movement. An optimal posture is necessary for a movement to be free. 

Understand the mechanics of your body and improve your technique & sound.  Prevent injuries from happening...

If you have tendonitis problem, back pain, etc. we can find and solve the problem together. There is always a reason, it is not in your head! Depending on the cause it might take time and patience to fix it, regularity in meetings is necessary.

Need a coach?

Audition/competition prep!

Preparing for auditions takes a lot of discipline, it can be difficult to prepare it on your own, contact me and we will establish a plan, routine practice, I will help you prepare for your audition/competition so you can give your very best!


If you really want to connect with a cello, you should try the experience! Playing on a full baroque set up will make you rediscover the cello, and the vibration. 

Feel the resonance / breathe with your cello / be free to move without endpin / reconnect with Bach.


typical baroque period set of strings